Our core business expertise is in delivering effective strategies and masterplans to help our clients reduce carbon emissions with minimal risk.

We have developed a 4-phase service approach to provide environmentally and economically sustainable solutions.

“Prioritise assets with the highest economical return to support decarbonisation”


  1. Define – Measure – Analyse the energy use and requirements of operations.
  2. Identify opportunities to reduce energy use and requirements through operational improvements or integration of clean energy technologies.
  3. Quantify potential cost savings and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.  
Hoa Cleantech Operating Cost Reduction Plan

Master Planning

  1. Analyse the age, condition, remaining value and utilization of existing assets.
  2. Engage key internal and external stakeholders to understand their challenges and ideas. 
  3. Identify risks and opportunities.
  4. Identify potential grants, incentives and new revenue streams.
  5. Create a longterm flexible masterplan / roadmap that maximises life-cycle cost savings and minimises risk to operations. 
Decarbonization Master Plan


  1. Develop and test small scale pilot project.
  2. Develop implementation plan over required lifetime of operations and procurement strategies for clean energy technologies.
  3. Develop strategies and processes to capture added value and potential new revenue streams from clean energy technologies.

Ongoing Improvements

  1. Develop an asset management platform that in real-time:  
    • Analyses data from operations and develops processes to increase the effective utilisation of clean energy technologies.
    • Measures effectiveness of clean energy technologies and updates implementation plan to optimise value and cost savings.
    • Captures and optimises value across the operations and new revenue streams.
    • Maximises the value of the clean energy technologies over the lifetime of the operations.