Transport Electrification


When transitioning to an electric fleet, you cannot simply replace your fleet with electric vehicles. Transport electrification is not only a matter of battery size and charging power, but also impacts electricity generation, transport, distribution, and charging infrastructure. In short, it is part of a complex ecosystem. And for your transition to zero-emission vehicles to work, this ecosystem needs to be viewed in its entirety.

Zero-Emission Fleet

When switching to an electric fleet, one of your biggest concerns may be the range and battery life of your new electric vehicles. Because you still want to cover the same distances, drive the same routes, and service the same areas.

We help you decide which fleet decarbonization strategy will allow you to operate as you did before. Using your data, our software will simulate the integration of different zero-emission technologies and supporting infrastructures into your operations. We then analyze their results to set up a customized fleet decarbonization plan that works best for your organization and your sustainability goals.

EV Charging Infrastructure

Electric vehicles need to be charged. Left unplanned and unmanaged, your ev charging station can become ineffective, costly, and worst of all, could leave you with an empty battery when you need to use the vehicle.

To optimize your charging infrastructure, our software simulates the charging demands of your electric vehicles across your fleet. These simulations will determine the proper size of ev charging infrastructure, show how to charge efficiently when the vehicles are plugged in, and present all other best practices for electric vehicle charging. We use this information to create a customized fleet asset management plan.

Grid Impact of Electric Vehicles

The growing number of personal and commercial electric vehicles has changed electricity distribution and power demand quite drastically in the last couple of years. Not knowing what the future will bring, Distribution System Operators could be worried about the impact of even more electric vehicles on the power grid.

We work with Distribution System Operators to understand, predict, and anticipate the impact of ev charging on the grid. Our software can forecast the future power demand of electric vehicles and renewable energy so that Distribution System Operators can start preparing now for future growth.

Road to Green

Hoa Cleantech and Tantus Solutions Group have developed The Road to Green: a six-step process to decarbonize your vehicle fleet. By understanding your current operations first, we can decide which technologies or solutions work best for your business before developing your own customized roadmap in our Hoa Decarbonization Platform.

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